Guardian Messaging - personal security, pendant alarm app for Android

How Guardian Messaging Works

Guardian Messaging is a very easy to use personal safety alarm system.  It is perfect for use as a replacement for a pendant alarm by elderly relatives, a safety alarm for lone workers and as a security alarm for students or backpackers on a gap year.

Guardian Messaging features 4 different types of alarms that can be configured by the user. If the user does not respond to the alarm then emergency SMS text messages are automatically sent to up to six contacts from your phone.

Using Guardian Messaging

elderly alarm

To use Guardian Messaging you simply select the emergency alarm contacts you wish to text.

alarm for elderly

Enter the message you would like to send and then set the alarms you require.

OAP alarm

The four alarm types are :

- 5 minute alarm - triggers in 5 minutes time, useful if there is a strange visitor to your home.

- 15 minute alarm - triggers in 15 mintues time, to be used when meeting strangers for business or dating.

- Hourly alarms - triggers on a repeating hourly basis, to be used by lone workers in dangerous environments.

- Daily alarms - daily repeating alarms which can be set to trigger at 4 separate times during the day.

pendant alarm

When an alarm is triggered the app will sound an audible alarm and the phone will vibrate. If there is no response to the alarm within 60 seconds the app will then re-schedule the alarm for 2 minutes time.

If the second alarm is also not responded to then an SMS text message will be sent to each selected contact stating that the emergency alarm has been activated.

elderly emergency alarm