Guardian Messaging - personal security, pendant alarm app for Android

Lone Worker Safety Alarm

Employers have a duty of care, especially with regards to lone workers working in isolated or dangerous locations. Guardian Messaging can fit into your Health & Safety armoury by providing reassurance when employees are working in isolation.

Guardian Messaging can be set to trigger an alarm at specific times or an ongoing hourly basis, allowing employers to keep an eye on them without disrupting the employee from their task.

For example if a worker is carrying out duties in an isolated place they can set the app to trigger an alarm every so often, if an accident does occur and the employee doesn't respond to the security alarm a text message will be instantly sent to their employers so they can provide assistance.

Guardian Messaging is also useful for vulnerable customer facing personnel, such as estate agents and consultants, who hold meetings with members of the public, especially strangers. A 15 minute alarm could be set just before the meeting begins. Again if they don't cancel the alarm a text message is automatically sent so the employee can check on things.

Our Guardian Messaging app is available for Android mobile phones from Google Play for a one-off cost of £4.99.

If you have any questions about using Guardian Messaging in your organisation then please do get in touch.