Guardian Messaging - personal security, pendant alarm app for Android

Elderly Alarm

Pendant alarms can be a lifeline for OAPs living alone but they are not always the most flexible option and can be expensive to hire and install. Typically a pendant alarm is used following a trip or fall or if there is a medical emergency. Unfortunately in these scenarios an elderly person may not be able to reach their alarm. Quite often OAPs are often too embarrassed to use their alarm or simply don't wish to cause a fuss.

Guardian Messaging

Guardian Messaging works in a different way to a pendant alarm but achieves the same objective, which is simply to summon help as and when it is required. Guardian Messaging is pro-active compared to a pendant alarm, which is reactive. Should the elderly person not be able to turn off their Guardian Messaging alarm in time then a text message is automatically sent, the OAP doesn't need to ask for help as the app takes responsibility for calling for assistance.

Guardian Messaging Benefits

There are several benefits to using the Guardian Messaging app rather than a conventional pendant alarm :

- Low Cost, Guardian Messaging has a one of cost of ?4.99 compared to a quarterly rental of approx. ?50 for a pendant alarm for the elderly.

- No Installation, Guardian Messaging can be simply installed on any Android mobile phone in minutes, no connections are required to a landline.

- Flexibility - Guardian Messaging can be used in several circumstances with various, easy to set alarms. For example if a stranger knocks at the door, a 5 minute security alarm can be set very quickly in case of problems.

- Portability - During winter months Guardian Messaging can prove useful outwith the house, in icy weather the user can set a 15 minute alarm before walking to the shops. Should they unfortunately fall over, the alarm would still be triggered and text for help.

Guardian Messaging Usage

Guardian Messaging has been specially designed to be super user friendly, with large text and big buttons. The display is clean and clear so it is easy for people of any age to use. More information on how Guardian Messaging can be found on the Guardian Messaging step-by-step guide.

If you have any questions about using Guardian Messaging for a family member or in your organisation then please do get in touch.