Guardian Messaging - personal security, pendant alarm app for Android

Backpacker/Traveller Personal Security Alarm

Backpacking or travelling on a gap year is a great way for young adults to experience real freedom whilst meeting lots of new people, however it does also leave them vulnerable. Guardian Messaging can help when used as a personal security alarm, giving peace of mind to the user and their parents without curtailing freedom. After all, travellers don't want their parents calling every day!

The Guardian Messaging personal security app can be configured to trigger alarms, which if ignored, will send emergency text messages to selected contacts. Alarms can be set for various times throughout the day, on an hourly basis or in 5 or 15 minutes time.

Guardian Messaging is particularly useful as a personal security alarm when travelling in a new country. Simply set the safety alarms and a custom message detailing your whereabouts before you leave and should anything untoward happen on your travels, assistance will be summoned automatically.

Our Guardian Messaging app is available for Android mobile phones from Google Play for a one-off cost of £4.99.

If you have any questions about using Guardian Messaging for yourself when backpacking or for your travelling children then please do get in touch.